postcardCarriage Oaks is locally owned by a nonprofit corporation and is democratically governed by an elected Board of Directors, comprised of both representatives of the Sponsor and residents.

The city of St. Charles and St. Charles Township, as Sponsors of the development, enhance Carriage Oaks’ ability to meet the needs of the growing mature population surrounding the Fox Valley area.

Essex Communities, as developer of the residence, brings a wealth of expertise to Carriage Oaks, having designed, built and managed similar senior residences extensively throughout the Midwest.

This independent, user-friendly setting allows you to embrace an active, fulfilling lifestyle perfect for the NOW in your life. Read on to learn just how affordable this lifestyle can be and hear from the folks who call Carriage Oaks “home”!

Call today to set a personal appointment and see for yourself why Carriage Oaks may be the perfect fit for the NOW in your life! 630-584-0029.