Carriage Oaks is here to help!The best way to get a clear understanding of the financial details is to set a personal appointment. And acknowledge that almost everyone wants to know, “What does it cost?” and “Can I afford it?” so we are happy to provide a general overview of the financial details, price ranges and additional information to consider as you explore our community.

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The Financial Basics

There are two (2) financial components when moving to Carriage Oaks.

The Entrance Fee

A one-time larger, up-front investment refundable at the time you leave the community and upon transfer to another qualified resident. This return may include the appreciated market value of your Carriage Oaks home minus refurbishing costs and current administrative fee.

The Monthly Fee

An ongoing monthly service fee that covers the services listed under Services & Lifestyle Amenities. As noted, it is subject to periodic increases. The community is operated on a nonprofit basis; therefore, any increases in the monthly fee are limited to actual increases in operating costs, and determined by the Board of Directors.

How Much Does It Cost?

Printer FriendlyThe table below shows the current Entrance Fee and Monthly Fee price ranges for the Carriage Oaks apartment homes valid through July 2018. For the exact cost of a specific apartment home, please set an appointment to meet with a Carriage Oaks representative.

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Floor Plan Description Entrance Fee Ranges Monthly Fee Ranges Second Person
1 Bedroom – 1 Bath

645 s.f. to 938 s.f.

(5 floor plans to choose from)

$58,700 to $146,382 $1,145 to $1,968 No Charge
2 Bedroom – 1 Bath

938 s.f.

(1 floor plan to choose from)

$77,900 to $146,382 $1,481 to $1,968 No Charge
2 Bedroom – 2 Bath

1.096 s.f. to 1,542 s.f.

(6 floor plans to choose from)

$88,300 to $207,004 $1,663 to $2,854 No Charge

NOTE:  As with any senior living community, Monthly Fees will typically increase slightly on an annual basis. Nationally these annual increases will average 3% to 5%.

 Dare to Compare!

Printer FriendlyThe “Dare to Compare” cost comparison worksheet will guide you through a simple comparison of what it costs you to stay in your current home vs. living at Carriage Oaks.  Our Executive Director will help you determine the costs at Carriage Oaks based upon your choice of residence size and location.

Financial Analysis Worksheet

Estimated Monthly Living Expenses (based on 1247 sq ft. 2bd/2bth): Monthly Cost at
Your current Home
Monthly Cost at
Carriage Oaks

Monthly charge at Carriage Oaks $                     
Real Estate Taxes $                      $  Included!   
   Liability & Structural $                      $  Included!   
   Content Insurance $                      $                      
Homeowner’s Association $                      $  Included!   
   Electricity $                      $  52.00           (Recent Averages)
   Gas $                      $  31.00           (Recent Averages)
   Water/Sewer $                      $  15.00            (Recent Averages)
   Garbage Pick-up $                      $  Included!  
   Cable TV over 100 Channels $                      $  Included!  
   Lawn Cutting, Trimming, Fertilizer $                      $  Included!   
   Landscaping $                      $  Included!   
   Snow Removal $                      $  Included!   
   Pest Control $                      $  Included!   
   Window Washing $                      $  Included!   
   Soft Water Salt $                      $  Included!   
Other Repair/Maintenance
of Standard Residence Finishes
$                      $  Included!   
Parking Rental $                      $  45.00           (Under-building)
Health Club Membership $                      $  Included!   
Scheduled Transportation $                      $  Included!   
Total Monthly Cost at Home
Total Monthly Cost at Carriage Oaks